All That Matters from the week of February 13-17, 2017

Click below if Apple Music’s new content plan, Facebook’s plans in music, the NYT and Spotify partnership, free music distribution, or pop radio’s aversion to Beyoncé matter to you:

Click below if a Chinese investor in Formula E, Ronaldo’s value for Nike, live sports on Facebook, reform in the English FA, or Trump and the sports industry matter to you:

Click below if details from Snap Inc.’s IPO, a new video messenger app from, a mobile VR solution, Facebook’s new TV app, or the consequences of Pewdiepie’s actions matter to you:

Click below if brands using mixed reality, the end of the digital marketing gold rush, mobile-engagement trends, marketers using AI, or Trump’s impact on brands matter to you:

Click below if changes in mobile gaming, Twitch’s 2016 report, eSports in 2017, a new gaming studio from an ex-Sony exec, or gaming jobs matter to you:

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